the TV set for your showroom


Smart glasses, smartphones, computers, cameras:
build your set in a few clicks and remotely video call
while seamlessly streaming and broadcasting live contents
from multiple camera locations and angles!

Look To Aid Streaming Gateway


Highly flexible, StreaMaze is the hardware part of Look To Aid. Thanks to StreaMaze, Look To Aid brings the showroom experience anywhere, simply remotely.

It integrates your company devices directly into Look To Aid: choose the most suitable tools for your encrypted multi-camera video calls and use the full power of StreaMaze to offer your remote user multiple points of view at the same time!

Foreground Vision

Through wearable devices such as smart glasses, or via mobile

Choose the devices with which to show remotely the details of the product by making immediate close-ups and responding to the remote user requests in real-time

All-Round View

Through webcams, fixed and surveillance cameras, smartphones, tablets, etc

Place some of your devices in strategic locations throughout the showroom: they will become your fixed cameras to give the remote user an all-round view


High Definition




AR whiteboard

on-screen chat

Look To Aid relies on StreaMaze technology: thanks to our streaming gateway it is possible to make secure video calls with a multi-camera system.

Select the devices you wish to use, start the different video streams, and choose during the call whether to view the close-up shot of the smart glasses or if you prefer the full-field view given by another connected camera.

Make 1-to-1 live-streaming video calls with FullHD video quality and professional audio quality.

A dedicated app has been developed to ensure optimal visual performances also while using smart glasses. Furthermore, the Look To Aid platform provides its users with a series of on-screen filters: with extreme simplicity you can change brightness, contrast and saturation of the video streaming of each connected device.

Thanks to our streaming gateway, you can integrate the most suitable devices for your multi-camera video calls into Look To Aid. All the devices and cameras managed by StreaMaze technology are integrated into the Look To Aid platform through the appropriate Devices Management interface.

  • The remote user will only need a PC equipped with a webcam and internet connection
  • The on-site user will choose which and how many devices to use for his Look To Aid video call: smart glasses and wearable devices, smartphones and tablets, webcams and IP cameras

The Look To Aid video streaming and teleservice web platform is independent from your company website and can be customised upon request. Thanks to its web-based nature, it is possible to instantly view the offline/online contact list and the available and connected devices, anywhere and immediately. Users, devices, roles and privileges are managed through specific control panels.

Furthermore, from the PC, users can access also the Analytics and Call History sections.

Thanks to StreaMaze, Look To Aid performs only secure and encrypted communications, from a local user to a remote user.

The streaming connections that pass through StreaMaze, our streaming gateway, are all peer-to-peer: between two users belonging to the same corporate group. In this way, they are safer and less open than a traditional videoconferencing platform, without the possibility of third parties intercepting the streaming.

Take advantage of the Augmented Reality whiteboard to share precise annotations in real-time: write and draw freehand directly on the live image.

The field of vision is shared: through the glasses, the on-site operator wearing the smart glasses will see in Augmented Reality the annotations made by the remote user.

During the live-streaming connection, the remote user and the on-site user will be able to also communicate via chat, creating more effective working procedures.

Thanks to Look To Aid’s internal instant messaging service, users will be able to exchange text messages in complete security, make quick notes, keep track of changes or communicate particular codes or data.

Look To Aid is a system designed to assist companies in certain strategic processes, which must therefore be protected. For this reason, developing the system we paid a lot of attention to the issue of security:





Look To Aid is a solution designed for companies, to meet their specific needs of remote communication and at the same time to protect their confidential information.

For this reason, the system only carries out peer-to-peer communications, from a local user to a remote user, with one-to-one connections that are more secure and less open than a traditional videoconferencing platform, without the possibility of third parties intercepting the audio/video streaming.

Explore the potential of Look To Aid

recreating online the showroom experience

Thanks to StreaMaze you can easily build a real TV set for your video calls


Make the most of your showroom: show, present and sell your products in real-time


Grow your business and easily interact with physically distant potential customers


Impress potential buyers by taking them on virtual tours of the showroom


Stand out from the competition and offer your future clients an experience they won’t forget

The web platform for professional multi-camera streaming

look to aid

1 connect your devices to your Look To Aid account and then place them wherever you want to create your TV set

2 choose which device to use as your main camera: smart glasses or smartphone

3 during the video call, switch in real time from a detail point of view to any of the other connected cameras



Request your StreaMaze now and use Look To Aid to recreate the showroom experience, simply remotely